Javelin Everyday Carry Locking Liner Knife

Javelin Everyday Carry Locking Liner Knife

  • $7.99


  • Blade Length: 2.6" (6.60 cm)
  • Handle Material: Blue Anodized Aluminum

Javelin Everyday Carry Folder

Javelin by Timberline

The Javelin Everyday Carry folding knife from Timberline is a flashy looking blade with a lot of cutting capability. The handle is made from textured blue anodized aluminum and features a solid liner lock mechanism. It's designed to be a dependable EDC work tool available at a low price point and it definitely hits that mark. 

Folding knives are great multi-tasking tools, and Timberline offers a complete line of quality folding knives made of the finest materials. Folding knives, also called pocketknives, have a pivot point and lock mechanism, which allow the blade to close into the handle, or lock into the open position. Folding knives are excellent for everyday use and are easy to carry in your pocket or in a small sheath on your belt. A good folding pocketknife can be an invaluable multi purpose tool that can be used when camping, hunting, working and just general everyday use.